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Full Version: [EVENT] [REAL CASH PRIZES] Opening Event: October, 2020 [EVENT]
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This Event has ENDED
Ryses: Both $75 and $50 cash prizes
Commander: $25 cash prizes and (2) 1 month VIP prizes
Carbon: (1) 1 month VIP prizes

Hello all,

So I have decided to kick off Mini-Missions V14 release with a fun and very engaging event. According to the website we have until October 2nd, at 1:00PM EST for the release of V14 to the public. Between October 2nd, and October 11th, the server will make an announcement to read this giveaway event on the forum and discord channel.

On October 12th, 7:00AM EST the event will start and will continue through October 26th, 7:00AM EST

The event will consist of 6 total prizes:

Prize 1: $75
Prize 2: $50
Prize 3: $25
Prize 4: 1 month VIP
Prize 5: 1 month VIP
Prize 6: 1 month VIP
Prize 1:
This prize can be won by being the most active during the dates of the event. This means just being online and playing. If you are caught being in-game AFK for a long period of time (specifically by yourself) you automatically forfeit your chance to win this prize.

Prize 2:
V14 comes with a new (or old, new to me) feature called "headshots." In order to win this prize you and your victim must both have headshots enabled. The player with the most headshots at the end of the event will win this prize.

Prize 3 and 4:
These prizes can be won by being active on Saturday, October 17th, from 8:00am EST until 1:00pm EST. Once we hit a player count of "14" on this day, I will start a secondary event called "Dodge the Plane." Everybody will be automatically spawned onto a roof, and will have to dodge the plane coming at them. The last one standing on the roof will win these prizes.

Prize 5 and 6:
This giveaway will take place on Saturday, October 17th, from 8:00am EST until 1:00pm EST as well. These prizes will both be won by answering a random quiz question correctly. There will be two total questions, one for each prize.

Please note: CASH prizes will be disbursed on October 31st, 2020. Cash prizes will be disbursed through PayPal, unless you are unable to obtain a PayPal account. If you are unable to create or do not have a PayPal account, you may ask me to purchase a gift card of your choice for you, or I can purchase a game membership/items from any game of your choice. VIP prizes will be disbursed as soon as I let Sasuke, King_Bert, or aQua know to give you VIP.
Added NOTE: Players who are banned between 10/7/2020 at 11:00AM EST up until 10/26/20 at 7:00AM EST are DISQUALIFIED from winning ANYTHING on this event. I forgot to add this in. If you are unable to follow the rules then you should not be able to win real cash prizes.
DEM! I feel like I should participate tooo okno. Smile
Sounds good!
Wow, i am in. (i need money Tongue)
Oh sounds nice
Interesting, I'll be in for the VIPs as usual Smile
It sounds like a real nice tribute to Ivenom. I would really like to come but Regrettably I will not be able
to participate due to MDCAT preparation (away from home).
I'm sure it will be a wonderful event and worthy,So Good luck and tons of best wishes❤
gib monei 2 me
Niceee......I'm IN
Wait, real money as prizes? You have my attention
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